Tote Bag Augustine non-lined

Tote bag Augustine is a non-lined tote bag made with quality seams, in a unique design or in a mini-series.

For some models, this tote bag is made of recycled cotton found in France. And for others, I design it in new cotton, preferably oekotex or organic and quality linen. With him, you carry your books to the library. It will also be ideal for the blanket to take to the nursery, at the nanny or even in kindergarten.
It is solid for storing gymnastics, football or dance. Practical, it folds to fit in your purse.

The Tote bag Augustine is very functional with long handles that allow a very comfortable shoulder-worn.

How is the Tote bag Augustine non-lined made?

Inner seams are ‘English’ seams or with an overlock that reinforce the bag and allow a quality finish. The handles are either sewn in the same fabric as the tote bag or in a twill of a different color that gives a modern side to the creation.

The care tips

Machine wash in a fillet or a closed pouch, at a gentle temperature of about 30 ° maximum, light spin, to keep its colors. And iron it paying attention to the label.

Why Tote bag Augustine?

What to know about Augustine

I have two grandmothers named Augustine. Augustine Eugenie was born in 1863 and Hélène Augustine was born in 1897. They were my great-great-great aunt for one and back-great aunt to the other. It was common in a family to call the children with the first names already present in the family. In addition, there is also a Miss Augustine, born in 1800 in the family tree of M. lilimargotton.

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